12 Ways AM Corporate Services Can Help Boost Your Business in Singapore

12 Ways AM Corporate Services Can Help Boost Your Business in Singapore

Navigating a business in Singapore can be a daunting endeavour, ranging from understanding the initial steps of setting up an entity to the day-to-day running of a company. While it may seem cost-efficient for a new business owner to deal with procedures and legalese on his own. To this end, here are 12 ways that AM Corporate Services can assist you in your business matters in Singapore. 


It is often beneficial and time-saving to seek professional support on such matters from a provider of corporate services Singapore.


Company formation

With more than a decade of experience helping companies ranging from multinationals to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), AM Corporate Services provides best Singapore company registration services. It is to be highlighted that different types of business structures are available, depending on whether it is a Singapore citizen or resident, or a foreigner seeking to start a business in Singapore. Our team can offer their local expertise on the best type of structure for your business. Concretely, this involves assistance in incorporating a private company limited by shares or guarantee, or incorporating a limited liability partnership (LLP). We also help in the registration of a branch, a business firm that can be sole proprietorship or partnership, and representative office in Singapore.

We also support in setting up your entity in Singapore as an offshore company with advantages such as separating business units to facilitate future disposal, putting off taxation in the jurisdiction of the parent company, or protecting assets.


Tax services  

While Singapore has a relatively simple tax regime compared to other countries, it is still crucial for companies to manage their tax obligations well. Our in-house tax professionals are able to help your business optimise the various incentives and exemptions within the tax framework. This includes corporate tax compliance, partnership and personal filing, preparation of returns of employee’s remuneration (Form IR8A) and tax clearance (Form IR21), tax planning at both the individual and corporate levels, tax structuring and planning. We also help in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration and deregistration, quarterly GST advice, planning, submission and audit.


Accounting services

Drawn to the full spectrum of accounting services provided by AM Corporate Services, our professional firm boasts a clientele from industries ranging from telecommunications, manufacturing, investment, construction to education. We can deliver full set of accounts on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis in the main areas of accounting and finance outsourcing services and payroll administration. Outsourcing these functions to a professional services firm frees up time for your company’s staff from routine tasks to focus on more business generating activities, and also contributes to better management through the use of well-qualified professionals.


Secretarial services

In addition to accounting services, we also offer secretarial services to further help companies in their daily operations. The AM Corporate Services team delivers quality services in compliance with the provisions of the Singapore Companies Act. These include acting as a nominee company secretary, maintaining statutory registers and minute books, preparing and submitting statutory returns with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), preparing resolutions of directors and shareholders, assisting in procedural aspects of compliance requirements as per the Articles of Association and other regulatory requirements, as well as arranging for nominee directors services. We also offer help in providing registered office facilities.


Immigration advice

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Besides the business setup and operational procedures, we understand that looking into the application of work pass matters can be a tedious process as it involves understanding the correct passes to apply for and gathering all the necessary documentation. Our experienced staff can give recommendations on such matters. Our common services rendered to businesses include applying for the Employment Pass and Dependent Pass, renewing these passes, cancelling the Employment Pass, and submitting appeal applications should there be any rejections. We also advise on the best steps to apply and gain the Singapore Permanent Residence status.    


Audit and assurance 

Our Certified Professional Accountants (CPAs) boasts of technical know-how and resources to carry out diligently various audit and assurance responsibilities. Your company can count on us to deliver well on audit assurance and compliance audits, compilation and review of financial statements, internal audit and support, special reports on agreed upon procedures, turnover/income certification, review of accounting and internal control systems, compliance audit for reporting to the Monetary Authority of Singapore on remittance and money change licence, as well as special audits and due diligence investigations.    


Business consultancy

With administrative procedures taken care of by professionals, you can also turn to us for consultancy services. As experts in the Singapore market, we can offer information on the local business environment, provide market entry guidance and advice on the strategies to grow your business here.


Business valuation

Our team is available, should you need to undertake a business valuation. You can trust us for applying valuation tools for various purposes such as to resolve disputes surrounding estate and gift taxation, divorce litigation or ownership buy-sell agreements.



Despite doing all the right steps in establishing a business and making it profitable, sometimes there might be a case for insolvency. In this kind of situation, we offer advice on how to negotiate with creditors and how to go about doing the business debt restructuring. Based on our knowledge of the Singapore landscape, we can help on how best to address insolvency situations.


Trust setup

With well-developed trust laws, a sound regulatory framework and tax benefit, Singapore is an ideal choice to set up a trust. We have the expertise and know-how to help you choose the best type of trust based on your needs and requirements be it a private family trust, charitable trust, collective investment trust, revocable or irrevocable trust, asset protection trust, or testamentary trust.


Trademark, patent, IP protection

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Boasting of a strong Intellectual Property (IP) protection environment, Singapore is a sound place to protect your business’ innovative work. You can rely on our professionals who are well-versed on the legislation and registration procedures on trademarks and patents.


Referral programme  

Unique to AM Corporate Services is our Referral Programme. This refers to a programme whereby individuals or firms located within and outside Singapore who need to incorporate entities on behalf of their clients in the Lion City can work with us. Partners and associates we are open to work with include legal firms, consultancy firms, corporate secretarial firms, audit firms as well as banks. We are trusted partners of many companies, delivering on legal, accounting, tax, trust and business consultancy services here. The Referral Programme can take the form of tie-up or referral fee arrangement for instance.




Being one of the most experienced poviders of corporate services in Singapore, AM Corporate Services can accompany you in your business success from start to finish, namely company formation, tax matters, accounting and secretarial services, immigration advice, audit and assurance, business consultancy, business valuation, insolvency and trust setup. Contact us today for a bespoke session on how we can work together.